The 2014 unrest in Bosnia and Herzegovina was a series of demonstrations and riots that erupted in the northern town of Tuzla on February 4, 2014, quickly spreading to various cities across the Balkan. The protests stemmed from deep-seated social grievances and a widespread desire to challenge the government.

Standing in front of government buildings with my fisheye came, I witnessed firsthand the intensity of the crowds as they voiced their frustrations and demands for change. The unrest was fueled by a range of issues, including high unemployment rates, political corruption, and a lack of economic opportunities. Citizens from diverse backgrounds united in their discontent, calling for systemic reforms and the ousting of the ruling regime.

As tensions escalated, clashes between protesters and law enforcement became increasingly common, with scenes of chaos and violence unfolding on the streets. Tear gas filled the air, and the sound of chanting echoed through the city as both sides engaged in a struggle for control.

Despite the challenges and risks, I remained committed to documenting this pivotal moment in Bosnia and Herzegovina's history, capturing images that would later serve as a testament to the power of collective action and the enduring quest for justice and accountability. These photo are featured in The New Balkan Left. Struggles, Successes, Failures by Stojaković Krunoslav and Igor Štiks.

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